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I always sit at the back of the plane.
You get to board first
and if the flight isn’t full
that’s where the empty seats are.

I store my knapsack in the bin
settle into my seat
and watch the plane fill up.

I notice teenagers.
Yellow bandanas
and red ones and blue.
A group of high school seniors.
And they’re swapping seats
and yelling across the plane.

One of the kids has a selfie stick
{which, I find myself thinking,
is not such a terrific idea on an airplane}
and then I wonder if I’ll be
that dead-eyed old woman
in their photos.

Then I see their teacher.

I wonder why people teach
if they don’t like kids?
{That’s not rhetorical.
I really wonder!}

When I say my pre-flight prayer
I add a bit:

Dear God,
As always, I am in your hands.
I place my trust in the Captain
and Co-Captain.
I bear no ill will
against any of my fellow passengers.
And thank you for sending these kids,
a 40-person JOY-reminder.