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Rue Cler Short Stories: 10

girlsFive years
of joy
in red skinny jeans,
a perfect navy cardigan
{not too warm + not too cold}
and blue all-stars
for her flying feet.

Brown bobbed hair
frames her fierce face.
Bangs are restrained
with a tiny barrette.

Chin out.

Under her right eye
a small cut
or birthmark
marks its territory.
Makes her look
ready for battle.

She runs into the street
beside the cafe
and spins
Arms in the air.

Not a ballerina,
this one,
much stormier.
Joan of Arc.

She looks at me.
Knows she has an audience
which she likes
but does not need.

The red skinny jean girl
is joined
on the street
by blonde pigtail girl
in a pink shirt
and layered skirt.
She swishes her skirt,
very small
flamenco dancer.

For a few moments,
they spin together
in the centre
of the street
which is
for them
exactly the same
as spinning
at the centre
of everything.

Rue Cler Short Stories: 9

The young waitress
wears a black tank top
when everyone else
needs a scarf and jacket

She’s pulled her hair
into a chic knot
on the top
of her head.

She moves like a dancer.

One of the waiters
is in love with her.
Or something like love.

Rue Cler Short Stories: 8

As it turns out,
I made a mistake
with my hotel.

The room was shabby
and I couldn’t turn off
the heat.

People for whom
an appreciation
of excellence and beauty
is a top strength
should probably not
on their hotel room.

On Sunday
I checked out
of the first place
and moved
down the street
to this:

bedI must confess
I slept well last night.