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The Promise of Roses

As I left work on Wednesday
Mark said,
“Have you seen the roses
in the park across the street?
They’re a very big deal
in Japan.”

“Yup. Let’s go.”
DP said…
so we crossed the street
in search of roses.

It was golden hour.
The garden was full of people
admiring the roses…

and taking photographs…

and painting what they saw…

The roses were pink and white,
yellow and peach,
and a red so vivid
it refused to be photographed.

One delicate rose was named for
Diana, Princess of Wales.

The air smelled like true love.

I discovered that Instagram
doesn’t work with these roses.
They’re too beautiful for filters.
{God doesn’t need our help.}

After the roses
we stood at the look-out
with these lovers.

Contemplated the view,
and this bridge.

Followed this path…
blue wood-fairies beckoned.

We walked under canopies of old trees
while the sun peeked through.
A spy with good intel.

Spotted this little one
adorned with a rainbow of paper cranes.

Passed through tiny, tidy gardens.

And down the stairs
with my orange knapsack sweetie.

The Marine Tower popped up
in the distance.

We passed the Doll Museum
we have not yet visited.
(The promise of cute awaits.)

The Marine Tower emerged
Closer this time.
Almost home.