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ballet at the shallow end

a confession:
i took on too much
this vacation.
2 conference papers
+ 6 countries
in 2 weeks.
(it seemed like a good idea
at the time.)
as my friend jacquie said,
i am going to need a vacation
from my vacation.
did you ever feel like that?

the good news:
i think it’s going to be okay.

mom, dp and i
are chilling in ubud, bali
where even the geckos are friendly.
6 blissed-out days and nights
without plans
or planes to catch.

my mom is staying
in this gorgeous glass house
with its own pool.
(it’s beautiful like a dream.)

this afternoon
we three
(none of us water-babies)
met up in the pool.
dp jumped right in,
i entered incrementally
(with gasps and giggles)
and mom eased herself
into the water
with trepidation.

i found that i’m still
a mad floater
(“amazing!” dp said,
“i think we found your super power.”)
while he no longer floats with ease.
we bobbed up and down
and laughed like kids.

i suggested that i choreograph
a ballet for the pool.
a ballet for three swimmers.
my mom said her part would need
to be at the shallow end.

here they are,
my water-ballerina mother
with my water-ballet beloved.

there need to be
more days like this.
pineapple spring roll days.
sleep-in + nap days.
stay in your bathing suit days.

i know you know
there ought to be more
days like this.