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Reaching for ourselves

She asked, “How can you tell
if a person really likes herself?”

She’s kind to other people
and she sings sometimes
for no reason
and she’s calm
like a warm day on the lake.
Calm like a lake-sized mirror
reflecting the sky. Two skies.

“And what happens when she isn’t
happy with herself?”

The woman stands at the window
and watches the storm clouds gather
and move across her landscape.
Tornadoes of self-doubt.
Earthquakes of drama.
Aftershocks of gossip.
She worries the storms will
destroy everything she’s built.

But she built the storms too.

She’s always reaching
for the wrong things.

When we reach for things
that aren’t good for us:
food, drugs, alcohol,
too much of anything,
loving the wrong person
or loving the right person
in the wrong way,
the thing
we’re really
reaching for
is ourselves.

We’d like to come home to ourselves.

When we say,
“Hi honey, I’m home”
we’re longing to hear
our own voice respond,
“I’m happy you’re home, love.
How was your day?”

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Tornado People


Most tornado people
don’t actually know
they’re tornado people
but a few of them suspect.

They begin to notice the wind,
fields of flattened crops,
the feeling of exhaustion.
Friends in hiding.

In Agents of Shield
Skye, an alien on her mother’s side,
accidentally goes through Terrigenesis
and develops seismic abilities
that make her both strong and unstable.

Her anger levels a forest.

When she pulls the force inward
she harms herself.

She needs to find peace.

Locate the still centre of things
and stay there.