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Fuji Day as metaphor for life

When, first thing in the morning, DP says to me, “Look out the window” I know that it’s a Fuji Day. A Fuji Day is crisp and clear with a perfect few of Mount Fuji from our apartment.

It’s not just DP and me; I often hear other teachers happily proclaim, “It’s a Fuji Day”. In a ridiculous abundance of riches at our school, Fuji is actually visible from some of our classrooms and offices. It would be very easy to get lost in that view as a way to escape Algebra. (Dear Algebra teachers, please note that I am not denigrating your subject area, which may well be as noble as any other, but simply stating a preference… for me, it would be Mount Fuji every time.)

This morning I was a little slow getting out of bed but, when I did, I was rewarded with this spectacular view. Photographs never capture its white-capped majesty; to the human eye, the mountain seems much closer than the photographic evidence would suggest. DP, who also has Fuji on the brain this morning, has just popped in to say, “That is one impressive view. That is one impressive mountain… actually, volcano, I guess.” He is particularly charmed by the perfect symmetry of Mount Fuji; we expect that the Japanese would not permit anything less than mountain-perfection.

None of us knows how many Fuji Days we have left. We need to enjoy them while we’re here.

We must not, in our arrogance, take these blue-sky days for granted. These glorious days are not meant to be squandered.

Even when I can’t see Fuji, I know she is there behind the clouds or smog or whatever force is obstructing my view. I have faith in Fuji.

What are you doing with your Fuji Days?

A Fuji Day

This evening, DP and I were working in two separate rooms when he said, “Monna, you’ve got to come and see this.”

By “this”, he meant a gorgeous view of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan. So yummy!

We knew that we would be able to see Fuji from our apartment at some point but we were not expecting this view until later in the fall, when it grows a little cooler.

I know that I will take better Fuji photographs than these in the future but I’m not sure I’ll ever feel as excited about it!