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Ideal Conditions for Thriving in Winter

January was a bit of a month.

I’m not even sure why it was rough. It could just be that it’s winter. Whatever the reason, I’ve been more emotional than normal (and, to be clear, I’m normally quite emotional) and I’m tired deep down in my bones. I suspect I’m not the only one.

The challenge has been to take good care of myself without completely hibernating… to nest while also continuing to grow.

I love metaphors. Like, I ADORE them. In these first days of February, I imagine myself as a tulip bulb buried eight inches below the surface and even though we’re in the deepest days of wintertime, I need to continue gathering all of my power for my emergence in Spring. I have faith that Spring will arrive and that means that I need to stay aware, curious, and focussed. At the very core of me, I need to stay green. I need to be ready to push when it’s time.

So I asked myself what conditions I could set in place in order to thrive.

Here’s my list for Winter 2018:
* Eight hours of sleep every night
* A cashmere sweater for both warmth and comfort
* Gentle conversations with Damien and as much laughter as possible
* A gentle soundtrack for my days: Kina Grannis, The Band Joseph, Joni Mitchell’s Blue
* Before I open my eyes each morning, I name the things for which I’m grateful
* The heated floor in our living room
* Saying yes to some work with the amazing teenagers at my former school
* Poetry by Naomi Shihab Nye, nayyirah waheed, Rumi and Mary Oliver
* Moving my body every day
* Looking at things from a new perspective
* Making lists of things to do and things NOT to do
* Writing {which is like breathing for me}
* Podcasts: Rob Bell; The Creative Penn; The CREATE Series
* Deep breaths with an emphasis on the exhale
* Leaving myself lots of time to do things well
* Revisiting Edinburgh + the Isle of Skye through memories and photos
* Upgrading tasks like washing the dishes by listening to music or podcasts
* Connecting with friends over coffee, Korean BBQ, Skype, FB and email
* No drama
* Preparing, little by little, for our move to Karuizawa
* Simplifying. Using less of almost everything.
* Yummy television: The Good Place, iZombie, and Orphan Black
* Declaring my priorities
* Eating more fruits and vegetables
* Doing things even though I’m afraid or anxious or not ready
* Putting my devices away at least an hour before bed
* Wearing bright pink lipstick {Really. It helps.}

I’m thinking good thoughts and looking forward to Spring.

What conditions would help you to have the best possible February? What could you say yes to? Or no to? Go ahead!

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