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If I had been on my iPhone 6 today

pic {Photo by Damien Pitter}

If I had been on my iPhone 6 today
I would have missed
a mother at my school
say to her seven year old,
“Have a great day. I love you.”
and I would have missed
the kid’s gleeful response.
“Thanks, Mom.
Bye, Mom.”

I would have missed a student,
the daughter of a friend,
walking a small dog
at the end of the school day.
Not her own cute little dog
as it turns out but a dog
that makes her want
a dog of her own.

I would have missed a girl
spot a moth on our train car
and follow it
from Motomachi-chukagai
to Yokohama Station
with her eyes
and her index finger.
I would have missed
her narrate its journey
to her mother
in a quiet voice
filled with reverence.

I would not have noticed
the adults forming a long line
for the escalator
at Yokohama Station,
all of them standing
on the left
and two small girls
in plaid skirts
and blue cotton blouses
racing up the right,
laughing loudly.

I would have missed the free samples
of pain de fromage
at Maison Kayser
and the shy smile from the woman
at the counter of the Chinese place
as she tried to remember
the phrase, “Anything else?”
in English
and how happy she was
to say “thank you.”

I would have missed two girls
walking home from school
in the rain
and how they engineered
a hat from a binder tied
to the top of her head
with a grey hoodie
and how the other girl
a small person with braids
walked beside her
letting the rain come
come as it might.
like the first day of spring.