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Lists of Grateful

lists of grateful

We’re in the park
across from school.
I asked the 10th Graders
to meet me at the fountain.
The boys stood in the fountain.
It’s hard not to laugh.

We’re writing gratitude lists.

Here’s mine.

Silent Japanese construction.
In just two weeks
on a plot of land
tucked snug between
the station and a store
a two-story building was built
without construction noise.

The way Yokohama has exploded
with purple and yellow.
White blossoms announce little weddings
hosted high in trees.

The kindle app
that lets me read books
on my iPad Mini.


A small grey dog in a pink dress
walked by a serious man in
a black suit.

Carrot cake and the gift of a ceramic goldfish
for my birthday.

In just three days,
my sister and I will meet
under the bright lights
of New York City.

Silver jewelry.

Red shoes.
Buying student art.

Photo walks.
Noticing the way the trees
bend in the wind.
The way they say hello.

Beginnings and endings
and everything in between.

All the things I don’t yet know.

The secret language of 10th graders.

Grade 10 sends their love


On Thursday morning
in Grade 10 Wellness class
we wrote letters
of gratitude.

Not emails.

An array of
coloured papers
and envelopes
covered the table
like a carnival

Students chose
their stationery weapons
but it was a good day
and no one fought
over Hello Kitty.

The rules.
1. Write a letter to a person in your life whom you appreciate.
2. Sending the letter is optional but encouraged.
{This might be scary but the recipient will appreciate it more than you can imagine.}

*Note to self:
The tricky thing about
“they will appreciate it more than you can imagine”
is that 10th graders cannot imagine that
and this is not their fault.

They plugged into their music,
their choose-your-own-sountrack.
As the late morning
sparked and simmered,
they curled like cats
around their love letters.

A girl asked if she could write
in another language.
My teacher impulse was to wonder
what’s your angle?


were already swimming
on her page.

She had asked
so she could give the letter
to her grandmother.

{English is not required}