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Conversations with Your Life | Challenge: Day 4

Today, you’re invited
to make a list of all
the amazing things
your body does for you
and allows you to do.

List at least 20.

Then celebrate
+ say thank you!

Week 4 of the course with be all about conversations with your body. This is really yummy stuff.

Conversations with Your Life: 6 Day Challenge

Starting tomorrow, Monday 16th October, I’ll be posting micro versions of a few of the exercises we’ll be doing in my upcoming course.

Each challenge will be posted here, on Facebook and Instagram.

I’d love for you to read the challenges, share and respond. Please participate in whatever way feels right to you.

Wishing you interesting + helpful Conversations with Your Life.

How to know when it’s time to remove the labels

A few months ago, a friend who has known me for a couple of years described me as relaxed. I was shocked.


In the same unconscious way that some women run their fingers through their hair, I scanned my labels and diagnoses: INFJ. HSP {Highly Sensitive Person}. Anxious. Round. Bookish. With occasional bouts of deep sadness.

Yup. All still there.

I’m a person who loves ALL the tests. At the school where I work as a counselor, we provide Grade 9 students with the opportunity to complete the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and VIA Strengths. Our hope is that these instruments will help them recognize their own preferences and gifts as well as their responses to other people. These tests are meant to provide a flashlight for one’s insides.

I first took the MBTI as a 20-something RA in a university residence. I learned that I’m introverted, that I take in information through my intuition, that I make decisions based on my feelings and that I’m an organized list maker who doesn’t thrive on chaos. (Note: this last bit was no surprise.) When I got my results, I felt like I saw myself, my whole self, for the first time. Suddenly, I was able to understand why certain things were so easy for me, why they felt just right in my body, and why other activities (and people) were WAY more challenging.

My MBTI profile led me to the work of Elaine Aaron and the recognition that I’m also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) which means that I’m profoundly affected by my environment, that I startle easily, and that my nervous system is in overdrive much of the time.

Then I remembered that my friend described me as relaxed. I wondered if I was simply doing a really good job of acting.

And then I considered the possibility that maybe I’m not THAT anxious anymore.

When I took those tests, the information I learned was tremendously helpful. I was able to be kind and gentle with myself, and set up more ideal conditions for my own success. This information also helped me develop better relationships with others because I could see their not-so-tiny gremlins and be more empathetic about the kind of crazy they dealt with every day. Understanding how we’re shaped by psychological and sociological forces helped me to develop greater empathy for the people around me.

Empathy led me to counseling and then to coaching. Empathy rocks!

Recently, I’ve started to be a bit less gentle with myself. I’ve begun taking greater risks and I’ve challenged myself to do hard things like become a coach, start a business, get out of debt, and give up my lovely full-time job in order to take a gap year. I reached out and gave Uncertainty a big old bear hug and, to reward my courage, Uncertainty hugged me back. Sometimes we even go dancing now, Uncertainty and me.

It’s not that I’ve stopped being introverted or having a preference for order over chaos. That’s probably not going to happen. What has been happening, however, is that I’ve been teaching myself to stretch beyond my natural preferences and strengths. I’m claiming more and more territory as home.

Ultimately, I’ve chosen to feel safe. Choosing to feel safe in my life, and in the world, has made me feel free. And if there’s a better feeling than freedom, I haven’t met it yet.

One morning, I was in the kitchen cutting the labels out of a silk blouse with a pair of orange handled scissors. This felt entirely satisfying to me. Damien walked into the kitchen and raised one eyebrow.
“Why are you cutting out the labels?”
“They’re rough against my skin and make me itchy.”
“Aren’t you worried that you won’t know how to launder them?”
“Nope. I know what fabrics my clothes are made of. I have it all in here.” (I pointed to my brain.) “Besides, when in doubt, hand wash in cold water.”

It was time to remove the labels in my life. They’d served their purpose. They were never meant to be boxes ~ only feedback. A bit of a map to get me headed in the right direction.

So it turns out that I AM relaxed. I’ve learned a lot about myself and now I’m ready to be NEW things. I’m ready to be greater than the sum of my parts and my labels.

What are you ready to be?
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What happens when we let go

I want to begin this Reader by telling you that the sakura blossoms are falling from the cheery trees like snow. I want to tell you that it’s finally spring in Japan and that people have discarded their coats and heavy scarves. I want to say that everything feels lighter now. But not everything does.

Last week was hard.

For three days I trained my replacement at the little school that I’ve loved like a dear friend for six years. I felt bone-sad even though I was the one who chose to leave my job as Director of University Counseling in order to take a Gap Year for Grown-Ups… to coach and write and change the way I live.

On Thursday morning, a couple of my colleagues met with the counselor who will replace me; she is smart and warm and experienced and I know she’ll be amazing in this role. Although the meeting was in my office, I chose not to join them because the discussion was about educational programming for next year and I won’t be there. Next year is a vast, open land for them to plant. Although I knew it was the right decision, it felt weird to sit in the red chair outside my office while my colleagues met without me.

When the meeting ended, I popped into the office to prepare for the next conversation. I noticed that the hand blown glass ornament that normally hangs from a suction cup on my window was sitting on my desk. Damien said that, during the meeting, a big truck had driven by and rattled the office window and both the suction cup and ornament fell to the floor.

The ornament wasn’t cracked or broken. It had just let go.

I laughed out loud. So often the universe sends you the big truck you need at precisely the moment you need it.

It’s time to let go.

I’ve decided not to put the ornament back up on the window. On Saturday I brought a small pillow home from my office. Next week, I’ll go through my large collection of books at school and decide which ones to bring home. I’m going to start letting go of this school that has given me so much over six years ~ the school that helped me become the most peaceful and joyful version of myself thus far. Monna 5.0.

What I want most right now is to be FREE and in order to feel that kind of freedom, I need to leave this lovely school. I know there will be moments of leaping and also moments of falling… when I’m moving through space and time entirely without a safety net. I’ll be a blue hand-blown ornament hoping for a soft landing. There’s only one way to find out.

In just nine weeks, my gap year portal will open up into the wilderness of my life. I’m scared and also excited… and I hope to see you there.

Note: This piece was first published as The Sunday Reader. If you’d like to receive these letters, sent every second Sunday, directly in your email inbox, you can subscribe here.


Red Header

In the golden summer
between his junior and senior year
a boy from our school
had an accident.
A few months later
he died.

This is not his story
but he was a joy-filled boy
who chose his own adventure.

He knew how to play.

The day after his Memorial
I dyed my hair red.

My hair stylist asked
{most sincerely}
if this would be okay with my boss.

I should say my hair is VERY red.

But there are moments
that change

Every particle
that dances
inside me

Every atom
me with
songs of
do not wait.

red hair circle