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What are the stories


What are the stories real and imagined
told by you, those who love you and also
by complete strangers, the stories that are
holding you back from living your fullest,
truest life, from becoming the person
you know you can be?

What’s the story that would set you free?

Not their job

not their job

Shall we now, at long last,
stop talking only about
how girls and women look.

Shall we speak, instead,
of the awesome vastness
of their hearts and minds.

Shall we marvel at their skills,
at the way they see the world.

Shall we encourage them to harvest
the wildness of their dreams,
to explore the open skies
of their potential.

At our school, we told girls
it was not their job
to be pretty.

Not their job.


Your one wild and precious life


With deep gratitude to the participants of Geography of Now.

There’s a voice
in our heads,
a nasty piece of work,
that says:
“Don’t you dare”
“You’ll fail”
“You’ll look foolish”
“People will think
you’re too big
for your britches.”

If you let that voice tell you how to live
you condemn yourself
to a life of

An existence
rather than
a life.

{People will judge you
no matter what you do
but that is none of your business.}

So what have you
been dreaming of?

What’s the first step
to creating it?

And how would it feel
to silence that voice
with extravagant happiness?

*The phrase “your one wild and precious life” comes from Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day.