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What’s your casserole?

chicken pot pie

As a child, I was curious. About everything. {Actually, that hasn’t changed.}

I remember my mom making a casserole, some sort of meat loaf concoction, and I was salivating and she said it wasn’t for us. Now that was a puzzle. I grabbed the tall stool from under the black rotary phone mounted on the wall and sat across from her at the kitchen counter.

“So who is it for, then?” I tried to conceal my disappointment.

She explained that the mother of a neighbour had died and that when a person is grieving, it’s hard to have the energy to cook a meal for yourself. If someone else makes the food, all you have to do is put it on a plate and eat. That’s how you get through the first few days of losing someone… by having others care for you until you can begin to care for yourself again.

My family has given, and received, many casseroles over the years and I have come to a much deeper understanding of this kind of compassion which is, I think, rooted in community. Being a member of a community.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how DP and I take care of others. Casseroles are tricky. We are not great chefs; in fact we don’t even have an oven. And our community is spread over at least twenty different countries on six continents.

But still we send out love. Instagram photo-walks for the birthdays of friends. Emails and facebook messages of support and re-assurance. It will be okay. This too shall pass. You can do this. Thank you notes. Lending books and DVDs. Sharing the news of a new favourite bakery, restaurant, gallery. Buying dinner for former students just starting out. Hugs. DP is a particularly good hugger; just ask my Mom. Travel recommendations. Even this blog is a love letter to friends… some of whom I’ve not yet met. Listening. Really listening.

What’s your casserole? How do you love and care for the people in your life?