Summer Writing Intensive

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Dearest writing-one,

I know how much you want to write. I know that your soul craves stories ~ reading and telling them. I know that whenever you write, time passes in a strange, surreal way and that you forget to eat. It feels like love.

It IS love.

So we have this BIG writing love and also these crappy stories that we sometimes tell ourselves. The stories stop us from believing in ourselves. Sometimes they stop us from writing. They sound like this:
It’s too hard.
I don’t have time.
It’s impossible for me to create a writing routine.
I’m stuck.
It won’t be perfect so why bother?
I’m not talented enough.
Who would even read this anyway?

Those are just stories. Fiction. {I know that you know.}

So let’s figure this out together. Let’s find something that feels more like freedom.


This summer, let’s spend six weeks together taking a long, soulful dive into the deep end of our writing projects.
All you need is an idea for a writing project (poetry, non-fiction or fiction) and a desire to work and play with other writers. Together we’ll look at those thoughts that are keeping you from your great love… we’re going to dissolve those thoughts that keep you from writing your story.


  • nurturing, relaxed and fun online space in which you can share your excerpts from your writing project
  • A safe space to explore your fears, questions and your BIG dreams
  • A writing routine that works for you. {We know that one size does not fit all. There are many ways for you to find time and space to write.}
  • weekly accountability check-in for writers to share their writing successes of the previous week and their goals for the upcoming week.
  • The certainty that you are a writer and that you have a right to tell your story
  • A plan for continuing to work on your writing project after you get home


  • Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you’ll receive an email with a link to an audio recording as well as a transcript for those who prefer to read the message
  • There will be two types of lessons: 1) Writing Coaching ~ to help you become aware of the limiting thoughts that have prevented you from writing, and to help you develop new thoughts and 2) Writing Classes
  • Each week, you’ll receive new writing exercises. These exercises, however, are not prompts that must be done and shared in the Facebook group each week but rather a library of resources that may be helpful to you as you work on your story, novel, memoir or non-fiction project. You’ll choose your own adventure! Everything we do and learn is meant to serve your writing project.
  • An hour-long coaching session with me in July or August 2017. You’ll choose when you’d like to have the call and what you’d like us to focus on
  • Membership in a secret and closed Facebook group for discussion and sharing of your writing
  • A weekly live call inside our FB group on Facebook Live
  • A guest class with Damien Pitter, MFA in Creative Writing from University of British Columbia
  • Lots of gorgeous support from Monna


In the Summer Writing Intensive, we’ll focus on the following six topics:
1. Fear, Rebelliousness and Ease
2. The relationship between your writing routine and flow
3. Developing your voice
4. Writing Structure
5. Description and Metaphor
6. Sustaining your practice + Celebration


  • You have a writing project that you’d like to work on. It could be fiction (a novel or short stories), creative non-fiction: (memoir, blog posts, newsletters) or poetry
  • You want writing to be a little easier
  • You want permission to write (even though you suspect you don’t need permission)
  • You’d love to stop procrastinating
  • You want to develop some writing goals that fit with your life. (There’s no one-size fits all)
  • You would love an hour of one on one coaching around a limiting belief that has been holding you back


  • You don’t have an idea for a writing project
  • You are obsessed with publishing. (I’m pro-publishing in the format that speaks most lovingly to you but that’s not the focus of this course)
  • You are not on Facebook
  • You’re unable or unwilling to share your crappy first draft with others
  • You’re cynical, pessimistic or a grouch (To be clear, it’s fine if you are a grouch ~ but this is not your community.)


  • I’m in love with words
  • I’ve been blogging at (and earlier iterations of this blog) since 2006
  • I’ve created two online creative courses: Geography of Now and Poet Laureate of Your Own Life
  • My newsletter The Sunday Reader is read by hundreds of people every second Sunday
  • My writing has been featured on Tiny Buddha, The Lost Girls and Apartment Therapy. I’ve guest blogged at Almost FearlessDry as Toast, Secret Agent Josephine and Heather on Her Travels. I’ve been interviewed for Pret a Voyager.
  • I’m working on two YA novels
  • I’ve studied writing through Sarah Selecky’s Story Is a State of Mind School
  • My undergraduate degree is in English Literature and I have a Masters of Education
  • I am a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach


You’ll pay 250 US dollars for this six-week online course.

Please note that this is a non-refundable investment in your own creative life so please take time to read my website and email me at monnamcd {at} with your questions in order to make sure that we are a good fit.