{Photograph by Carmen Rosas}

Monna is the Marie Kondo of the mind. She has helped me declutter my mind, throwing out unhelpful ideas and those which were none of my business. She’s guided me through setting a plan which will help me find my North Star. Thank you Monna, I’m on my way.” ~ L. in Melbourne

Monna is incredible, both in her ability to be right there beside you, facing your goals together, while also flying above the situation to provide a wide view. Her questions are like doors into wonderland- every one had me seeing my dreams as simultaneously clearer and closer than they were before. Monna  is a gift – make sure you work with her now. I suspect she’s on to incredible new horizons in this work.” ~ C. in Los Angeles

Coaching has helped me figure out what parts need replacing and what just needs a tuneup. I’m thinking new bright red leather seats and a stereo that will play all my tunes off any device should get me back on the road. Working with Monna is now part of my regular maintenance schedule. I’m always looking for new ways to shift my focus and recharge. Monna has become a regular guest on my show.” ~ C. in Vancouver

Dear Monna,
I have just reviewed the notes from our 6 sessions and I am amazed at the progress. Sometimes as my mother used to say, “you just can’t see the forest for the trees”. Thank you for cutting down some of the trees and helping me envision things differently… I like the new view a lot! Coaching has helped me start a new dialogue with myself… rearranging my go-to roadblocks of passion and procrastination has me on the path to a happier lifestyle. Monna, your sessions were creative yet practical and your follow-up notes incredibly useful.
Thank you for the gift of your caring.” ~ Reve in Paris

Coaching with Monna opened me to the many possibilities that lie before me and shed light on those things that have held me back. I feel calmer about stepping into new roles now – and I have an action plan in place. The other beautiful thing that happened as I worked with Monna was that I  found my way back to a more playful and lively version of myself. My summer calendar is filled now with all sorts of delicious activities and adventures. Monna is a wise and vibrant coach with lovely energy and presence.” ~ S. in Victoria, British Columbia

Working with Monna helped me to better understand how to ensure that I am leading the life I want to and focusing on what is important to me. I liked how supportive and positive the process was. You do not operate from an understanding that something is broken or needs to be fixed but rather small tweaks that you are capable of managing. Coaching has made it possible for me to make a life plan that I am passionate about. I feel that I no longer have a to-do list of responsible things every adult should be doing but rather a map to lead to some exciting places along my journey. I feel reenergized and excited about where my life is headed. I feel that I have the tools to put my plan into place. Monna is a warm and joyful person who will listen to you and provide you with tools to better understand yourself and your goals. After each session I left feeling loved, accepted, and energised.” ~ A. in California

I’d never participated in life coaching before, so admittedly I was a bit skeptical if it would be helpful. Thankfully, I gave it a shot because working with Monna over the course of a few months was really beneficial for me. I found Monna to be warm and patient and genuine, and I actually looked forward to diving in and discussing things that have not always been the easiest for me. What I found the most helpful was that she always found a way to turn a negative statement into a positive one, flip a bad experience into something I could learn from and present my self-doubt as a building block for much needed self-care. I’m truly grateful to Monna for this experience.” ~ M. in Montreal

My coaching conversations with Monna were truly and positively eye-opening. She offered powerful questions and reflected my answers back to me in such an illuminating way. Her coaching gave me the permission to tap into my creativity more deeply and embrace a sense of play that I’d been denying myself. Together we explored what I wanted, what was holding me back and how I could kick those roadblocks to the curb. I couldn’t have asked for a more kind and wise sherpa to help me navigate my restless spirit and form a plan of action to supercharge my dreams. And all of this in only six sessions. Thank you, Monna!” ~ P. in Ohio