The Interiors Project

Welcome to the Interiors Project, a weekly feature designed to provide a window into the homes and worlds of international educators and our families. Educators will share their thoughts about home, culture, travel and food and each issue will be as unique as the person whose home is featured.

Introduction to the Interiors Project
{You can see the Pecha Kucha talk that inspired this post here}
Issue 1: Monna McDiarmid and Damien Pitter @ Yokohama, Japan
Issue 2: April Johnson @ Willemstad, Curacao
Issue 3: Removed at author’s request
Issue 4: Jodie Thiel @ Beirut, Lebanon
 Issue 5: Kathy Manu @ Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Issue 6: Karen Fish @ Mumbia, India
 Issue 7: Peter and Ali Cuthbert @ Singapore
 Issue 8: Sarah Loring de Garcia @ Monterrey, Mexico
 Issue 9: Jay Priebe and Jenny Johnson @ Bangkok, Thailand
Issue 10: Alan Andrew @ London, England
 Issue 11: Debbie Studwell @ Tokyo, Japan
Issue 12: Carrie Shaw @ London, England
Issue 13: Brad Brandvold @ Monterrey, Mexico
Issue 14: Heather Dowd and Doug Tindall @ Singapore
Issue 15: Jacquie Pender @ Ripatransone, Italy
Issue 16: Mandy Linssen @ Vienna, Austria
Issue 17: James Midgley @ Tokyo, Japan
Issue 18: Christine Martin @ Seoul, Korea