Author: Monna McDiarmid

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The problem with inappropriate

inappropriate problem


I find this word lacking
in the departments of:
1. specificity
2. helpfulness
3. compassion

This word
{which thinks so highly of itself}
lets everybody down.

When we tell a teenager
her actions are not
we might as well
be speaking from Mars.

The megaphone doesn’t help.

Ways of Seeing


The woman found herself seated beside
actors Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman.
At intermission Danny whispered
to Rhea, his wife,
“Look, I’m not complaining
but I think it’s weird that
no one has recognised us.”

What he did not know
was that he was surrounded
by a group of blind people.

The Audience


In the first place
it was Helen Mirren
{Helen Freaking Mirren}
who plays the Queen
more convincingly
than the Queen herself.

Second of all
how lucky were we
to afford this ticket,
to have someone give this as a gift
or to find a ticket on the sidewalk.

Third of all
the woman who placed her coat
over the back of her seat
was in her eighties,
not in her thirties
like you.

Fourth of all
her small jacket did not
cross the boundary, enter into
the territory you felt
to be yours.

Fifth of all
when you said, “Excuse me”
in a voice of sharp rocks
and rage, when you pushed
her coat into her seat
as she watched wide-eyed,
you told us everything
we needed to know.

Solemn heads bowed


Friday afternoon
riding in a taxi
with the windows rolled down
to let the weather in.

At the light
people in work blacks
and greys cluster solemn
heads bowed in prayer
to the Internet.

I wonder if soon
we’ll be born this way
hunched over
texting our own birth