Still a Canadian girl
at heart
after many years of living abroad…
Cali Colombia
then Monterrey Mexico,
Barcelona Spain,
Bangkok Thailand,
and now
Yokohama Japan.
Five countries
four continents.
(My Spanish
should be much better
than it is.)

My lovely man and I teach
at international schools.
I help kids with their big life stuff
and their apps to university.
Yup, that’s a real job.

The photography + writing
of my lovely man lives

I love to travel and read and write
(I am haunted by stories).
I like to go to the movies (especially in Paris
and Barcelona and anywhere in Japan
where theatres are like churches).
I dig photography
and gorgeous interiors

Not so wild about the ironing.

I appreciate chocolate
(in all its forms),
poetry by Mary Oliver
and Galway Kinnell,
exquisite silver jewelry,
cookbooks (although I don’t really cook),
polaroids (the real ones and the fakes),
good service
and my mac book pro.

This is my blog-house
where I write about
life in Japan
and our travels,
creativity and thriving,
and all that I’m grateful for.

The Geography of Now
I wrote just for you.