Inspiration Instead


{Unboxing a painting by Ruth Shively}

It’s the first week of February and, in Yokohama, it’s finally winter. The days are short and the news from America seems more reality tv than reality. It’s easy to become cynical but the truth is that the pay off isn’t good.

I’m choosing, instead, to be inspired by and grateful for:
*When We Were Young from Adele’s album 25
*Gate A-4 by Naomi Shihab Nye
*The kindness of Scottish taxi drivers {also Scottish shortbread}
*Ruth Shively’s paintings which you can see on Facebook and on her website
*High School students who ask for help for their friends
*This photograph taken by Jessie Voigts
*Snow days
*The way that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listens to Canadians when they speak
*Cashmere sweaters and scarves
*Lisa Hsia’s writing about her pregnancy
*The gorgeous love that a young friend has fallen into
*Scrivener ~ an amazing tool for writers
*Downton Abbey. {I’m know I’m late to this party… but wow!}
*The noticing poetry of Samantha Reynolds
*Cynthia Erivo’s performance in The Colour Purple on Broadway

What’s been saving you lately?


  1. I share in your gratitude for many of these things! (Ah, Scottish shortbread!) Tonight my husband saved me with pork sparerib and mustard greens soup, and koshihikari rice. I have been so, so tired and uncomfortable all day and if he hadn’t made us dinner I really don’t know if I would have bothered to feed myself anything proper. It isn’t just the nourishment but the care.

    Love to you, in bowls, in bushels.

  2. CJ’s Top Five

    * Also Adele, any Adele, all Adele
    * Dawes, any Dawes, all Dawes, but specifically right now: “All Your Favourite Bands” and “Stories Don’t End”
    * Chicago Mix popcorn
    * The memory of the view [on a cold January evening in Toronto] from a 51st floor roof top bar
    * Making cookies for people I love

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