Thank you, Japan.


I’ve never been secretive
about our big love.

Pink flowers. Navy uniforms. Train stories.

The pursuit of harmony
in a place where rush hour
in Central Tokyo provides
Train Theatre as people
are pushed
onto train cars
by men in white gloves.

In spite of the mad denseness
of life for Tokyo-dwellers
there is
and quiet
deep inside
the system.

The other place
I love
is Europe.
Kidnapped by the old,
the elegant,
the art,
the jamon.

Paris, Barcelona, Rome.

Recently I visited
Montreux Switzerland
And Marbella Spain
Both extraordinary.

Clean air, fondue and punctuality
followed by sun, olives and
decadent wealth.

There was this feeling
though. A thing that stayed.
And I had been ignoring it
a little bit
in my adoration of Europe.

on the faces
of those who believe
they are better.
Better dressed.
Thinner (which, for them,
means more beautiful).
More sophisticated.

It’s a hard gig
to be empathetic
when you see judgment
on people’s faces,
when you see it everywhere.

So thank you,
I know you think
you are better
but I appreciate that
you don’t let it show.

{Written on 7 July 2015}

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