And so we grow our insides like gardens


And so we grow our insides like gardens.

Peonies, camellias, lavender.
Fragrant explosions of wild tenderness,
and joyful dances of starting over.

This is the way I’m growing my garden.

I try not to worry about the weeds.
Spikey non-floral things pop up in all
gardens and I choose not to spend too much
sweet time weeding mine into perfection.

The garden I’ve grown on the inside can
accommodate the lush pinks of roses
{and their thorns} and the audacious
yellows of dandelions as lovely
and as complicated as childhood.

new home

UPDATE 12 June 2015
Okay, I got this one wrong! I may still post my poems over at Tumblr but it was a mistake to stop posting them here. As always, I should have listened to Damien.

I have now added last week’s poems and will continue to post my daily poems here at


Because I want to leave more space here for writings on creativity and thriving, I’ve created a new home for my daily poems over on Tumblr.

You’ll find a link for the Daily Poem in the menu above.

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