Not their writer

{Photograph by Damien Pitter}

There are people
in my life
a few beloved ones
who don’t like my writing.

{No. Not Damien
who clicks “like”
on every post
to encourage me.
“Way to go, dear girl!”}

The criticism:

How do I know?
Well I can read their minds
which is only funny
if I’m not reading yours.

I know.

It’s okay.
I’m not their writer.

For a few kindred spirits
I’m their weekday poet laureate,
collector of
smooth stones
scraps of conversations
and portraits of children
on their walk home from school.
The extraordinary moments
that make up a life.

In some small way
I tell their stories
every day.

I want to remember
to always live my life
this way.

To write
what and how
I want.

To send the criticism
back to the critics
with love.

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