The shop near school


There’s a little shop near our school
that serves “the world’s best cheesecake.”
That’s not just my observation.
It was the name of the shop.

And then it closed.

{I know. It’s a lot to take in.}

So we were sad for a while
and then we got busy wondering
what might take its place.

Months went by.

A few weeks ago, we noticed
the arrival of mid-century furniture.
You know the kind…
Looks great. Feels terrible.
So we deduced it was a furniture shop.

Then we saw a man working at a bar
like a coffee bar
on the far side of the space.
Coffee shop?

Big arrangements of flowers
appeared last week
which signals
in Japan
the opening of a new business.
It looks like a funeral in there
and still the whole thing is a mystery.

Damien says there is a sign
but it’s too small to read
from the road.

So I don’t know whether to say,
“Hello. I’d like a chair with my cafe latte
or a cafe latte with my chair.”

I’ll keep you posted.

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