Ode to a New Mom


One of my dearest friends
just became a mother.

She’s far away (or I am)
so I haven’t cuddled their son
or hugged the little guy’s parents
but there’s no distance too great
to stop me from sending my love.

Every day I think of these three.

I imagine my friend
and her new alarm clock
travelling the short distance
between awe and exhaustion.

Back and forth. Back and forth.

The bigness of it,
to bring a being into existence.
To be utterly responsible.
To face questions about maintaining a life
for the first time.

So many firsts.

The plummeting into deep love
for and with.

Since the day that we met,
I’ve known
that she would
an amazing parent
to a kid
who’d feel like
he won the lottery.
Every. Single. Day.

Welcome to the world,
lucky boy.
We’re delighted
that you’re here
and that your Mom found
such a lovely partner
with whom to share
the trip of a lifetime.


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