Mellifluous: Soundtrack of a Life


This article is part of a new series that I am calling (at least in my head) Creative Thriving Wednesdays. Hmmm… you are invited to share your ideas for a name for this series.

Last week, Thursday morning’s Grade 10 Wellness class popped up faster than I expected. That happens sometimes in school… and in life. The students and I have been working on decision making and an observation I’ve been making is that although educators (and parents) talk a great deal about the importance of reflection, we don’t necessarily teach it as a skill. We need to get better at that.

So I created a lesson plan that would genuinely be fun for the students but would also provide an opportunity for us to develop our reflection skills.

The assignment for the 90 minute period was to create a soundtrack of your life and to provide liner notes.

Part A: Soundtrack of your life
1. Create a soundtrack of your soundtrack in iTunes, Spotify, sound cloud or YouTube (or anywhere that you want) using your computer or phone
2. Choose 15 songs that:
* you love
* feature lyrics that are significant or meaningful to you
* describe your struggles and also what is really good in your life (such as friendships or relationships)
3. You must give your soundtrack a title
4. Please plan out the order in which you will place the songs

Part B: Liner Notes
Open a new document where you:
* list the name of each song along with the name of the band/performer
* explain (minimum of two sentences each) why you have chosen this song to be part of the soundtrack of your life. Why is this song important in the becoming of you. In order to explain this, you will need to go back and listen to the lyrics and think about their meaning. How do these words describe a situation you have been in, a love you have had or an obstacle that you have overcome. If, upon reflection, you discover that this is simply a cool song that does not describe your life, save it to another playlist. The songs on your soundtrack must tell part of your life story.

My Reflections
The students shared their soundtracks with me and I have learned so much about each of them from the songs and artists they chose. The boys in particular love a lot of the same music that I love, music that I listened to as a teenager… except for the rap. That’s where we part ways, musically speaking. Their liner notes are funny and tender and sad and all the things their lives have been thus far. And their lives thus far, as described in their liner notes, sound and feel exactly the same as my own unfolding life ~ even though I have been on the planet three times as long.

Our songs may not be the same but the stories behind the songs are so similar.

I’ve started my own soundtrack. According to my own set of instructions, I’ve given it a title: Mellifluous. Part of speech: adjective. Definition: (Of a sound) pleasingly smooth and musical to hear.

What song would definitely be on your soundtrack?

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