Like a rainbow


This bakery opened in 1888.
You know what’s been in the same place
for a century in Japan?
Mount Fuji
this bakery.

Generations of this family
have baked and sold bread here.
A friend who know about such things
says they don’t care about
how the bread looks but
they care about the taste.

It’s taken me
three and a half years
to visit.
That’s how it is when you live
in a place without language.
We’re like toddlers.
Life is surprising
and well outside
our control.

I look around. The women in aprons
gesture at the white plastic trays
and metal tongs.

I’m buying pastries for 20 kids.
They give me a second tray.

As I’m paying for the pastries
the young girl at the cash says,
“Your red hair is beautiful.”

Thank you.

“Yes. You look like a rainbow.”

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