1. Best. Gifts. EVER.

    • My very own baby Tenderlove (thank you Santa)
    • The role in a high school musical that changed my trajectory for ever (thank you Mr. Haskins)
    • An open-ended return ticket to Europe for high school graduation (thank you Mom and Dad)
    • Friendships from those brave enough to push through the bramble bushes to my tower (thank you friends)
    • The accidental stumbling onto the job(s) that light my fire every morning (thank you summer unemployment)
    • Long lost love found (thank you Yahoo)
    • My beautiful boy (thank you universe)
    • Slivers of beauty arriving in my mailbox “ping!” every morning (thank you Monna McDiarmid, for your poetry)

    1. Nancy

      Thank you so much for telling me
      not just one story
      but eight.

      Eight gorgeous stories of gratitude.
      The universe delivers.
      Thank you, my friend.



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