The Savory Hello

With special thanks to Brandon Stanton and the amazing Humans of New York.

Today’s poem is about a story within a Facebook post.
{Two, actually.}

On April 1st, this singularly adorable girl
in the silver coat, pink tights and purple boots
met Brandon Stanton, the benevolent photographer
of Humans of New York. He took her photo
and she told him a story set in the land
of Manizao where the President is a girl
named Mahava who lives in a little red house
and everything looks like a restaurant
{which is the best idea for a story EVER}
and the most popular restaurant is called
the Savory Hello.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.11.57 PM

I shared this post on my Facebook page.
“This girl is my hero,” I wrote.
The only thing that could possibly improve
the Savory Hello would be chocolate brownies
for dessert. {But that’s just my opinion.}

Five days later Brandon posted this photograph
and a brilliant someone named Traci CF
wrote: “Owners of the Savory Hello.”
For one moment, unicorns were real
and the world was blindingly perfect.


*HONY posts and photos by Brandon Stanton

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