New York City Top Ten

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A few days ago my sister Megan sent me her top ten
New York moments. In no particular order, here are mine.

The hilarious woman seated behind me at the Lives of the Saints.
She was blind but proclaimed she had the best view in the house.

The crispy fish tacos at El Presidente on West 24th.

The eight high school boys on a school trip, all of them
shopping for running shoes while I tried on fuchsia converse.
Contact sport meets Disney Land.

The Christmas morning look on Megan’s face
when she found the perfect grey dress at Macy’s.

Melinda, from my hotel, who saw me in the lobby
on my last night and wished me a good flight.

The crisp bright light and laughter on the High Line
the morning Meg and I had our photos taken.

Helen Mirren and the cast of The Audience.

A charming taxi driver from Jamaica.

Talking with Jun about writing novels.

Walking home in the rain {how quickly a place
becomes home} and the man who helped me cross the street.

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