Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

When I was a girl
travellers wore their best clothes
on airplanes.
Family and friends
wished them
“Bon Voyage!”

Have a good trip.

Passengers now board planes
in sweatpants
and flip flops.
We send them off with
“Travel safely.”

is the very least
of what’s been lost.


  1. We used to dress up to go downtown Pittsburgh when I was little. It was an Event. (50 miles to get there — before interstates). I like sweats and flip flops too, but yes, much has been lost.
    I love reading your poems.

    1. I loved your story about getting dressed up to go to Pittsburgh.
      My family felt the same way about the trip to Ottawa. We called it “going to town.”
      Thank you for reading my poems + for loving them!

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