I forgot to tell you


I forgot to tell you
I finished my novel
the one I was writing
my crappy first draft.

I never thought it possible
to love such a deeply flawed book.

Every awkward phrase
every uneven scene,
every place
where I “told”
and definitely
shouts out,
“You did this!
You didn’t think you could
but you did.”

I didn’t think I could.

That’s been true
about other things.
Climbing the Great Wall.
Travelling alone.

I’m living
my life backwards
and now,
in my forties,
I’ve slid
into adolescence
like a trombone.

Late, loud and fearless.

My teenage years are gonna be awesome.


  1. I love this. The photograph is so lovely and the words…they are perfect. Simple, direct, feeling, honest, raw and strong.
    Congratulations on completing this, a first draft is way more than a beginning.

    1. Thanks, Carrie, for your lovely comment about this post.
      I do, indeed, feel very proud of completing the first draft of my novel.
      Now… the editing! 🙂

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