Ways in which I’m not quite right


I’m not thin.
And I don’t believe
that’s a character flaw.

I don’t read fashion magazines.
I refuse to give my money
to publishing companies
that don’t consider
women like me
to be beautiful.

I am tired of conversations
about being efficient.
What are people doing
with all that time
they are saving?

I don’t have a five year plan.
I want to see
how things unfold.

I’m not interested in just one thing.
I love travel, Marie Antoinette, minions.
Good food.
Interior design.
Philosophy. But
I’m not interested in being an expert.

I believe that sharing
poem-bits of my life
is just as “useful”
as writing “Ten Tips On How To…”
(You know what I am talking about.)

the ways in which we are not quite right
are the ways in which we are


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