There are lots of ways to be brave
that don’t involve jumping out of a plane
or trekking through the desert.


Try again.
Start over.
Ask for help.

Encourage someone
even though
you’re tempted
to be critical.

“Wow! This is hard.”
I was wrong.
I am sorry.

Change jobs
or stay in this one.
Make it work.

Get out of bed.

Tell someone “I love you”
or “I no longer feel the same”
or “I want something better for both of us.”

Tell the truth.

Name your dreams out loud.
Make a joy list and do it.
Choose happy.

Do something before you feel ready
(because you suspect
you’ll never be ready)

It’s not our job
to tell others
what their bravery is.

Lots of warriors are quiet.

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  1. Hi Monna, Kirsten from SCBS here. So enjoying your work. I feel like I’m having a lot of be-brave moments these days so this poem really speaks to me. I just love it.

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