Japanese slang for lovey-dovey


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We had lunch with a friend
who had just spent some time
with a lovely couple we know.

He is amazed by them.

Perhaps you know
{or are in}
a relationship
like this.

When they look
at each other
a shy sweetness
something golden
and fills all the spaces
between them.

Their love
does not exclude.
It’s big.
It wraps its arms around us.

Magical campfire gazing.
Shadows of purple-orange flames
transform faces
known forever
into Queens,
slayers of dragons.

It’s love-love.

They say it in Japanese too. Love-love.
{Young people mostly.}

To hear these words
pronounced in Japanese
makes my heart
as soft
as buffalo mozzarella.



  1. OOoooohhhh. Love love reading this. Love the photo too. It too, doesn’t exclude 🙂 Love Love you too Monna and D. (I hope that’s not inappropriate!) Big love to youse. Allie

    1. Hi Allie!

      It’s great to hear from you.
      Thanks for loving the piece and us. {To be clear, there is absolutely nothing inappropriate in loving us! 🙂 }
      This photograph is one of my favourites EVER! Good things come to those who pay attention.
      We miss you! Hope all is well in the Incredible Land of Oz.


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