An Ode to Original Content


We live in a wild new age,
and this frontier
in which we are
cowgirls + boys
is the Internet.

Nobody knows what is possible.

In this amazing
and limitless space,
some are obsessed
with the idea of

Hundreds of thousands
of followers
starts to feels
like the norm

It’s not.

Other folks
stay inside the log cabins
of Facebook and Twitter.
With less and less
+ illuminating
they’ve become
play-it-safe dwellings
for posting cute pics
of kittens.

And websites
tell us
in bold headlines
how their recycled stories
will transform our lives.

{When my life is transformed,
I don’t normally need a heads up.}

I wish to be
brave and vulnerable
in this wild frontier.

I want to tell
some stories,
perhaps fictional
but all true.

I want to describe
what it looked like
and felt like
from here.

I hope you will too.


  1. I love this piece, Monna. It speaks very clearly to a discussion I’ve been having with myself on a number of fronts but particularly in relation to facebook and twitter. I keep coming back to a question of purpose. In other words, to what end are we participating in our social media and, if these are fundamentally unsatisfying, where can we best create and share. Almost like just wanting to spend time with people in the kitchen, I want more of my interactions to be authentic and with that the sharing/creativity to be real. Your piece here was very timely. Thank you.

    1. Hi Adam.

      It is, for me as well, most definitely a question of purpose.
      Your comment about spending time with people in the kitchen reminded me of our cafeteria table at lunch when the chemistry is just right and the conversation ping longs back and forth and we all have an opportunity to think and contribute and learn and laugh.
      That’s what I’m after.
      Happy New Year, my friend.


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