Love, Yokohama: Alec Whiting

Love, Yokohama is my photographic love letter to the city we have called home for the past three years. The concept is a simple one. Each week I’ll ask a student, colleague or friend to meet me at their favourite place in Yokohama… and I’ll take their photograph. These visual love letters will be posted each Friday.

Photographed on Friday 29 August 2014
at the Auditorium of Yokohama International School, Yokohama

Alec 1


We had originally chosen a spot near the harbour front but the day came and counseling duties took over so we needed to rebook. I thought the place I’d really like to photograph Alec was in our Auditorium on his very last day at our school. He agreed.

“Bring your mandolin, Alec.”

The boys had opened the shutters in the Auditorium and the light poured in through the windows and bounced off the wooden floors creating a golden glow. Our shoot became an impropmtu concert for an audience of one woman with an iPhone as Alec played the mandolin and his friend Anton Bryan, played guitar.

In this Auditorium, on the second floor of the school’s Early Learning Centre, YIS hosts assemblies, art exhibitions, plays and student-led concerts. Alec and Anton and many of our students have come of age on this well-waxed floor and on temporary stages built by students. Singing, rapping, dancing their dreams into reality.

After the shoot, Alec performs in his final Back to School concert, an event he has organized. Alec and a group of seven other students play Wake Up by Arcade Fire. The number is epic. The Auditorium shines.


Alec Whiting
Musician singer composer ground-breaker,
he may not have been born
with a mandolin in his hand
but it seems that way now.
Fierce and fearless
in his pursuit
of amazing
there is
not a thing
he cannot do.

California godspeed, Alec.

You can see more photographs of Alec on my Instagram feed here.

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