Love, Yokohama: Jun Sekiya

Love, Yokohama is my photographic love letter to the city we have called home for the past three years. The concept is a simple one. Each week I’ll ask a student, colleague or friend to meet me at their favourite place in Yokohama… and I’ll take their photograph. These visual love letters will be posted each Friday.

Photographed on Sunday 17 August 2014
at Yamashita Park, Yokohama

Jun + 2 guys

Jun Wide 1

Jun Medium Bike Cut Off

by Jun Sekiya

a long time ago
I rode mountain bikes in the city
because I was afraid
of not looking mature.

“This t-shirt won’t do.
This faux hawk won’t do.
This music won’t do.
I can do much better.”

a while after that
my friends stole my bike
and painted its blue frame red with a can
on my birthday
when I was on a date
with My new dress shirt
My new hairstyle
My new music—

maybe I needed that.

maybe I needed to care less about thoughts
the ones that
nag, like, “You look like you’re twelve.”
“You’re short.”
“You’re timid.”
“You’re caught in yourself.”
“I need to care less”
began to nag me in turn.

it’s all psyching out,
Thoughts, wrapped in Thoughts, wrapped in Thoughts, wrapped in
I put on a song
as I rode my new bike
—my mom’s bike—
through Yamashita Park.

I glide past the sign
that says “no bikes”
there’s a couple looks
But for this I’m sorry

Because the sky is too deep
and the sun is too yellow
to not bike this strip
that nudges the sea.

There’s people
and space
between them
to weave through.
There’s iPods
and earphones
to make them
a soundtrack.

This song I’m listening to
This song This song
is the best song I’ve ever heard
right now.

My head is flooded
My mouth is lifting
I’m flushed with courage
I’m taller than the park
I’m rushing
through the air

In the big picture
it’s a guy on his bike
rapping too loudly to a soundless beat.
In the big picture
the music won’t do
just like the t-shirt and that cringey faux hawk.

But in the close up
the one with the music
the one where the girls who see it all swoon
the t-shirt is dope
the faux hawk, I’ll rock it
I’m rock and roll
I’m hip hop
The music’s a plow
And this bike, my mom’s bike, will push all my

and nerves
and heartaches
and awkward handshakes


Jun Close

Jun Sekiya
Wicked smart boy-man.
Film-maker. Writer. Rapper.
Runner. Football player.
(By which we mean soccer,
of course.)
+ Cuban-American
= courteous rebel.
Metaphysical bad ass
grooves at the intersection
of passion
and discipline,
freestyles the first line
of a new tune.
Best one yet.

You can see more photographs of Jun and his mythic ride on my Instagram feed here.

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