Love, Yokohama: Hiyori Takashima

Love, Yokohama is my photographic love letter to the city we have called home for the past three years. The concept is a simple one. Each week I’ll ask a student, colleague or friend to meet me at their favourite place in Yokohama… and I’ll take their photograph. These visual love letters will be posted each Friday.

Photographed on Thursday 14 August 2014
on the green hill behind the Yokohama Port Museum

Hill 1
Hill 2 Medium

This lush green hill
is one of the first places
Hiyori’s new friends brought her
when she moved back to Japan.
From this hill you can see
all the best parts of Minato-Mirai:
the tall ship and Landmark Tower
the harbour
the bridge to World Porters
and ferris wheel
stretch out ahead.
{This particular ferris wheel
is like a lighthouse.
If you can see it,
you know where you are
and exactly what time it is.}
For Hiyori,
the green hill is a beautiful place
for her group of friends,
it’s a favourite hang-out.
Although they see each other
every day
at school,
this is the place
they often
their secrets.

Hiyori 3 Close up
Hiyori Takashima graduated from high school in June and departs for NYU London in just one week. Hiyori is loveliness itself. Wise and gracious beyond her years, she acts and sings, and writes amazing thank you letters.

You can see more photographs of Hiyori and her green hill on my Instagram feed here.

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