tea time for the soul


i don’t know about you
but i, for one,
am tired
of thinking about
how to live
more efficiently.

i am exhausted
by the question
of how to get
more done
in less time.

i have been efficient
at school
and in my work
for decades.
four of them.
i have been a super-hero
of efficiency
+ hard work.
i should have a cape.

my nervous system
gets jammed on red.
not orange
or even amber.
and red alert
cannot be
a good or healthy place
to live a life.

in my mind,
i need to visit
the beach more often
start surfing.

my mind needs to vacation
in shimoda,

in the space
where the impulse
for greater efficiency resides
i will grow a bonsai tree.
raise a puppy.
plant tulips.

it’s tea time
for the soul.
{or maybe coffee.}

you are invited.


  1. I agree with you so much. I am exhausted and de-motivated by the efforts of trying to be efficient and effective 110% at work that I collapse with the strain when I am at home. I love the phrase: “in the space where the impulse for greater efficiency resides” and the images you provide in the last 2 verses and yes I would love to be invited. Julia

    1. Thanks, Julia.

      One of the habits I am trying to develop is to be more aware of my own crazy-perfectionism. It’s a demon.

      Best wishes with creating a life filled with energy and joy!


    1. Thanks for your comment.

      I have always thought that there is no need to make simple things more complicated.


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