The Sunday List {24}

sunny afternoon

{Starbucks Cafe at T-Site in Daikenyama, Tokyo}

Recently, I’ve been working on my website. Sprucing it up… but also simplifying things at the same time. I had accumulated more than 60 categories and I have now cut them down to four: create, home, wander and thrive.

Today, I’ve presented my Sunday List offerings in these four categories.

1. NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts:
Lyle Lovett
Rufus Wainwright
Swell Season (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova)
John Legend
2. “Ones and Zeros” by Jack Johnson (Live) on Q with Jian Ghomeshi (CBC Radio)
3. Pascale Picard ~ Runaway (Video)
4. Ben Folds Five ~ Brick (Video)
5. Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, failure and the drive to keep creating. TED Talk, March 2014, Vancouver.
6. The Big Leap (Lacoste commercial) + Lacoste ‘The Big Leap’ – Behind the scenes

9 Common Pursuits That Rob Us of Happiness from Becoming Minimalist

Here are some new additions to our living room. The Moroccan rug is from Rugs USA (ironic) and the new pillows are from a French company called Jules Pansu. Poor DP! When these items arrived he said, “Oh. I thought you were done.”



On Thursday my mother arrives for ten lovely days in Japan. She and I are taking the train to the seaside town of Shimoda, at the tip of the Izu Peninsula. I fell madly in love with Shimoda when we made our first trip in March and I am hoping that my mother will enjoy it as much as I did!


What have you been reading and watching and designing of late?

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