Rue Cler Short Stories: 3

Tall blonde woman
walks on Rue Cler
with her partner.

Takes long purple strides
in a short black skirt
with purple tights
and matching purple boots
that French-kiss her knees.

Her jacket is short,
made from black leather
that hugs her

The scarf at her neck
flows purple, green and taupe,
tied by a French house elf
whose only job
is the tying
of this blonde woman’s

It is his pleasure
to serve her.
{He loves purple too.}


    1. Hi there.
      I wish I’d been fast enough to take a photograph but I was also just enjoying the day and my coffee. She was so striking that I felt I could capture her with words alone. I too would like a French scarf-tying elf. 🙂

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