Japanese word for gossip

gossipgossip defOn a sunny Saturday
in September
we spent the morning in a posh neighbourhood
in Tokyo,
a place you are as likely
to hear English
as Japanese
if you have visited Japan,
you’ll know
is quite uncommon.

We were hanging out in Starbucks.
DP was writing
and I was trying to get wi-fi
on my iPhone
when we heard a loud
in English
telling a story about
a father from a nearby {international} school
and his state of intoxication
at a school event.
The loud voice used
lots of juicy details
like what the man said
and what he did
under the influence.
The loud voice found it

Here’s the thing about Starbucks
in posh Tokyo neighbourhoods
with skyscraper-high rents
and lots of expats.
Many fellow coffee-drinkers,
Japanese and foreign,
what you are saying.
The dad in your story
could be our best friend,

Sounds a lot like the same word
in English.

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  1. Nice post!

    When you live abroad, it can be easy to get used to talking about people in your own language, assuming that nobody else understands. For me it was like that when I lived in South America. But of course my native tongue is Dutch, not English. Even so, when I went on a group holiday with another Belgian friend, we were busily discussing the other people in the group, when we found out there was a Dutch couple in the group! Fortunately we hadn’t gotten to them yet :-s It did teach me to not do that kind of thing again (and in our defense, we were only 18).

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