The train to Tokyo is my teacher

trainThe train to Tokyo
is my teacher.
I’ve seen
skyscraper shoes,
people sleeping standing up,
silver mini-skirts,
shark-bite knapsacks
and train benches blooming
with kimonos.

kimono2These rides
between Tokyo and Yokohama
are like little plays,
40-minutes dramas
standing room

trainEvery ride helps me
know Japan
a little better…
one express-train vignette
at a time.

katoA friend and I
were returning from the city
(this is how I think of Tokyo
even though Yokohama
is home to 4 million).

streetWe’d been to Azabu-Juban
and Hiro-o for the day.
A late lunch at a French restaurant
where they served our salads
in a glass

restaurantsaladAt Naka-Meguro,
the car was crowded
we were grateful to find seats.

By Kikuna Station
the aisle cleared
and I saw him.

manOh! That face.

{That’s a teddy bear
peeking out of his bag.}

The train ride
from Tokyo
makes me


  1. Loving trains and just returning from Tokyo, these photographs certainly reflect an aspect of Japan I love. But where is the photo of the traveler sleeping standing up, leaning on a door!

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