An Afternoon in Shanghai’s Old City, Part 2

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1. Oh! The light!
2. There is that orange knapsack again.
3. In the last photograph, the woman is covering her nose because she has just encountered durian, a fruit that (from my perspective, at least) smells quite a lot like an open sewer.
4. Which photo is your favourite?


    1. Thanks for telling me which shots you liked! I just noticed that the feet of the couple are actually in the shot. 🙂
      I used to have a (super) strict rule about never cutting off a person’s feet in a photo.
      In street photography ~ especially in a crowded spot like Shangai’s Old City ~ that’s not always possible.
      In the end, it’s the feeling of the photo that I’m after… feet or no feet.

      1. The full picture of this couple is actually the key in that photo. There are a lot of details there that simple made my eyes happy. This two characters are completing each other even if they are from different movies, if you understand what I want to tell.
        (sorry for my english…)
        And the background… with the man, elegantly dressed, looking forward and the woman, simply, enjoying the day…

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