Saturday morning in Azabu-jūban

If you consulted Wikipedia, you’d learn that Azabu-jūban is a district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan… and that it is a lively residential area in central Tokyo with a mixture of Japanese shops, restaurants and bars.

As is true with most things we research on Google, the truth of this lovely neighbourhood (which I call Azerbaijan because I can never remember the name properly) is much better understood in person. In this case, Azabu-jūban came to life for me via a leisurely walk on a cold Saturday morning in January.

A1{A store called Blue and White with delightful goodies ~ all in blue and white.}

A2(A festive sign against a grey sky.}

A3{Buckets of flowers and strings of twinkling lights.}

A4{Father and son out for a Saturday morning bike ride.}

A5{Well, hello there! Seeing you… it’s like looking in a mirror.}

A6{A sweet little boutique that sells rice treats.}

A7{Each package is so beautifully wrapped.}

A8{What an inviting entrance to this little restaurant.}

A9{He’s all smiles.}

A10{This little boy eyes the candy on the table outside the store.}

A12{A wooden statue on the side of the street.}

A13{This sign says that your Big Mac will be ready in 60 seconds or free.}

A14{Coffee shops, bicycles and well-dressed pedestrians.}

A15{Bicycles and more bicycles. The crazy thing is that none of them are locked up.}

A16{I love these “Manners” posters in the metro. This one says, “Why do you ignore those waiting and cut in line?”}


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