Listen… I’m not really a sushi person.
There’s my little secret.
As the kid of a beef farmer,
the idea of raw fish
doesn’t really float my epicurean boat.
If you are a sushi-person, a fan, an enthusiast,
you may think,
“What a terrible waste…
to live in Japan
and not love sushi.”
Perhaps it is.

But when our friend Tyler visited,
he wanted sushi
and we wanted to make him happy
so we found this sushi place
in Yokohama Station.
It was the real deal. No frills.

What followed
was a poem.
A contemplation.
A stack of empty plates.



  1. This looks so cool of I ever tavel to Japan I’ll be sure to hit a sushi spot! was it all raw fish? I haven’t had raw sushi just smoked salmon and the California rolls in America but I am willing to try!

    1. Hi there.
      It was, indeed, mostly raw fish but I had a couple of different kinds of salmon and they were both amazing. There was only one dish that I did not enjoy ~ I think it was octopus so I will skip that the next time. I’m glad I went for it 🙂

  2. I never loved sushi until RIGHT before we left to head overseas. I can’t get enough of it now and am thankful we don’t have to go to Japan for the good stuff. Loved your words today.

  3. It’s a cliché, but sushi is probably my favourite Japanese food. I did see some sushi with roast beef and with sausages at our usual conveyer belt restaurant, if that might be more your cup of tea… Although they didn’t look too appetizing, to tell you the truth.

    1. I don’t think it’s a cliché at all! This is Japan 🙂

      Sometimes we just need a little push outside of our comfort zone and I am glad that I tried sushi and sashimi. I’ll definitely be trying more. {And I will be leaving the roast beef and sausages!}

      It’s interesting that we can all be very brave in some areas (like living all over the world and less so in others (like eating sushi). It’s all part of the journey, right?

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