Word for 2013: Write

writingLast year
was my first year
to name a word
for the new year.
We were in Istanbul.
seemed fitting
as we shopped
for rugs,
drank apple tea,
were wooed
by charming salesmen.

2012 was all about hustle.
A year of conference papers
and travels.
Getting my own domain name,
finding the skinny prose style
I like so well.
Twice being freshly-pressed.

It was a good word,
a worthy goal.
I gave it my all.

This year’s word is humbler,
chosen in Japan.
It smells like a garden
in spring.
Heads of new, white things
pushing up through the dirt.


Sometimes I get ahead of myself.
Worry about platforms
and agents.
Read articles
about the merits
of publishing vs self-publishing.

Cart-before-the horse thinking.

My goal for this year
is to write.
Finish this novel.
Then make it better.

There’s no reason not to.
No ghosts to prevent me.
This is the second half
of my second year
at our lovely school
(the half in which students
do not send university applications).
We are not moving
or doing graduate work
or any other grand undertaking
that might
me from writing.

An hour a day.

That’s it.
A word,
a goal
that smells
like spring.


    1. Thanks! On the day I wrote this post, I took this photo at a little Japanese restaurant around the corner from where I live. I love the way their hands are folded and the looks on the faces of this girl and her grandmother.

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