Ten moments from the Gratitude 365 Project

One year ago, over breakfast in Istanbul, I decided to capture one gratitude moment on film every day and upload it to flickr. The project was not designed to improve my photography ~ although I believe that happens naturally when we practice a skill ~ but was meant to be a celebration, a contemplation, a counting of my blessings. The project was called Gratitude 365.

Here are ten gratitude moments chosen by DP.

February 19, 2012: Gratitude 365
Dear Universe,
I want to thank you for today’s spectacular sunset, a song sent to me by a friend, and a generous offer for a place to stay this summer.

Gratitude 365: February 21, 2012
The bruschetta with perfect tomatoes from this lovely day: bit.ly/xDvbAR

Gratitude 365: 5 April 2012
The Balinese leave these small offerings everywhere – at temples and in doorways. It feels both lovely and perfectly fitting to be grateful for the Balinese practice of gratitude.
{A week here is not going to be enough.}

Gratitude 365: 17 April 2012
Tonight I am so very grateful for our school’s IB Art Exhibit and for the amazing artists in our graduating class. Wow!
{I am particularly proud that four of them have chosen to attend Art School and that they applied – in their words – without a Plan B. That is courage! Big hugs to Anna, Lena, Maria and Miyu.}

Gratitude 365: 26 May 2012
Today I was grateful for a sunny day in Tokyo, a few peaceful minutes in a little park, an amazing burger at Homeworks and all the gorgeous moments in between. I am grateful that DP came with me.

Gratitude 365: 1 August 2012
Peking duck at Ginger Beef in Calgary. Oh my!
{So grateful to have been there twice.}

Gratitude 365: 1 October 2012
This afternoon, we received the most recent addition to our collection of art. This painting is called “a la russe/Moscow” by Ruth Shively @ www.etsy.com/shop/ruthshively

Gratitude 365: 8 November 2012
These are the feet of the one I love.

Gratitude 365: 27 November 2012
Today, at school, DP came to my office to bring me this cupcake. The Grade 10 student I was meeting with thought that was “the cutest thing ever.” {She was not wrong.}

Gratitude 365: 29 November 2012
A recent graduate, who is studying at an American university, came to visit me in my office. She told me that she’s really happy. She also said that she’s spending less time on Twitter and facebook because she’s more connected to the people all around her.
I was grateful for the visit, the little friend she left with me, and these thoughts about the human need for connection.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about what I learned from the Gratitude 365 Project and tomorrow, I’ll share some of these reflections and observations.

In the meantime, what are you grateful for?


  1. A detailed list of why I am grateful for would be too long for a comment section – probably I could spend hours with writing things down. What it comes down to, though, seems rather simple:
    I am grateful for life.

    Thank you for sharing some of your special moments!

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