{one week in bangkok}

i have a funny relationship
with bangkok.
when we lived here
i was never
at ease
with the heat
and the noise,
affection for sale.
i felt like i had my skin on backwards.

since we left for japan,
things have shifted
between us.
like the sidewalk tiles
that pop up as you walk,
the city of angels
and i
made space for each other.

a week ago
i flew all night
to become re-acquainted.
a nap before brunch at the sheraton.
a jazz trio plays michael jackson’s human nature
and eric clapton’s change the world.

juicy dreams
of mango sticky rice
come true
in a round room full of sun.

outside our hotel
two figures in blue
keep watch from the entrance
of a spirit house.
perhaps it is their wedding day.
some tiny neighbours
have decorated the verandah
with chrysanthemums.
yellow garlands of joy.

beside the house,
a feast awaits.
fresh offerings
of fruit, flowers and sweet things.
snacks for the gods.

music reaches us
before we enter the lobby.
{i think dancing should be mandatory.}

bangkok threw us a party
which lasted a week.
khob khun ka.


  1. Thanks, Jessie. It’s been a great week during which I’ve had gloriously long sleeps, written tons, gone to the movies and eaten our favourite Thai treats: pad thai, stir-fried morning glory, green papaya salad and mango sticky rice. Yum!

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