What I think about when I go walking in the rain

1. All lives are interesting when the person describing that life is a good story teller.
2. Autumn has arrived in Yokohama. I know this because stripey knit sweaters are now being displayed in the front windows of the Gap.
3. The rain makes everything seem more cinematic. If I were a film director, I would shoot a lot of scenes in the rain.
4. According to comedian Louis C.K., we live in a time when “everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.” That’s probably how the Romans felt too. I am voting for contentment.


    1. Jessie!
      Thanks for your comment.
      In the midst of the surreal/absurd carnival surrounding the US presidential election, contentment seems like the best way to use my vote! (Oh… and because I am Canadian, I don’t actually get one 🙂

  1. What atmospheric pictures – but then I remember you saying somewhere that it’s impossible to take a bad picture of Japan. Your blog inspires me so much and feeds my ‘homesickness’ for Japan so well, that I hope you don’t mind if I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Please don’t feel obliged to accept and pass on, but it’s just a wee sign of appreciation…

  2. Your post reminded me of a lovely scene in ‘My Neighbour Totoro’: Totoro, and the girls are waiting for the cat bus at a bus stop in the woods, all you hear is the raindrops on the umbrella… I love rain!

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