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Welcome to the lovely visitors who have headed over from Freshly Pressed to read The Problem with Foreigners. (If you’ve already read the post, you know that the “problem” may not be the same as the one you anticipated!)

I’m really grateful that you’ve stopped by… and am encouraged by your comments!

As an international educator, I write quite a bit about culture. Here are some posts I have written about my life in Japan where I have been living for a year now:
The Story of Japan and Me
Following Happiness Home
An Ode to Transparent Umbrellas
How to be a Japanographer
What the world whispered
In the Middle
The Walk Home

Thanks again for your visits and your kind words.


  1. What a delight to stumble on your blog via FP today…it’s always a pleasure to find someone who also understands cross-cultural living, the international school scene, and who is a thoughtful observer of new things. (: I miss Asia very much, and your writing is a whiff of fresh air — thank you!

    1. Hey, Valerie! Thanks for your very kind words. I started blogging in 2006 when we were living in Barcelona and I always have the greatest success when I write about the issues that really matter to me – cultures, travel and relationships and learning. I hope you’ll visit again!

  2. Thanks for posting this beautiful collection of your work, especially for newcomers from Freshly Pressed! That’s how I discovered your blog, and I love it. My favourite pieces of the ones you posted are ‘The Story of Japan and Me’ and ‘Following Happiness Home’. I have also worked as a teacher abroad, and I can relate to some of your experiences. Mostly I just love how you write about the culture of where your living and your experiences there in such a simple but beautiful way. I’m so glad I discovered your blog! x

    1. Welcome, lovelyjo!
      I’m really glad you found my blog and I think you picked two good ones as your favourite posts.
      Teaching internationally is such a unique gig, isn’t it?
      Finally, thank you for your encouraging words about my writing.

  3. I liked “The Problem With Foreigners” weeks ago, through Freshly Pressed, quite obviously. I only now begin to discover your blog, and it is absolutely wonderful! Simple yet meaningful, short yet they tell so much. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan (and still want to!) and your poems capture the very essence of how I imagine Japan to be. Thank you.

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